"I'm Just Here to Pet Dogs" Tote Bag

"I'm Just Here to Pet Dogs" Tote Bag

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Ever try to avoid going out in public with your friends, but decide you’ll go if you know you’ll be somewhere where you can pet some dogs? (Come on, I know it’s not just me)

This bag will send that message loud & clear — LISTEN, I’m not here to talk to people or make friends… I’m just here to PET DOGS.

Okay, okay, on the real though: this bag is a total pet-magnet. All the dogs will see you wearing it, and automatically gravitate towards you because they know you’re the chosen one; the one who will love, pet, and worship them. Just make sure you put dog treats in this bag; loooots and loooots of dog treats.

Better yet: 10% of every bag sold will once again be donated to our favorite rescue, The Golden Retriever Rescue fo Southwest Florida. (aka where Shop Dog Emmylou was rescued, woohoo!) The 10% will go to help cover the cost of surgery for dogs like Bella, Stormy, and Hero! Want to know more? Head to their website or facebook page.

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