Doggone Sticker Pack!

Doggone Sticker Pack!

from 3.00

Do I even need to try and sell you on how cool stickers are? You know how cool they are. You also know how much cooler you become when you have them.

There are 4 stickers available for purchase: “Stay Golden,” “Adopt Don’t Shop,” “I’m Just Here to Pet Dogs,” and “Can I Pet Your Dog?”

If you choose to buy one of the last available “Sticker Packs” then YOU get ALL FOUR for a discount. Heck to the yeah. (note: I am no longer offering the #GRRSWF & retro BFD stickers as a part of the sticker pack for right now — thanks!)

Better yet: $1 of every STICKER PACK sold will once again be donated to our favorite rescue, The Golden Retriever Rescue fo Southwest Florida. (aka where Shop Dog Emmylou was rescued, woohoo!) The 10% will go to help cover the cost of surgery for dogs like Bella, Stormy, and Hero! Want to know more? Head to their website or facebook page.

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